The Good Stuff

Here's a list of some of our star players.  These are some of the natural alternatives we use in our products instead of cheap chemicals and now you know why we think they're really special.  We'll keep adding to this list so check in often to keep yourself updated and educated.  You might also want to read about The Bad Stuff so you know what to avoid and why you want to avoid them.
What's so great about organic avocado oil?
It's a totally natural (and organic!) way to smooth and moisturize hair, at the same time making it shiny. It also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It's rich in vitamins A, C, K & B6. Who needs ‘mineral oil and petrolatum'  when you've got this instead?
What's so great about anisic acid?
it's a natural preservative without all the nasty side effects of ‘parabens' .
What's so great about rosemary essential oil?
When used in stuff for hair, it helps stimulate and strengthen hair follicles, while slowing down premature hair loss. It's also a great toner that stops the hair and scalp from being dry. It's a world-class natural substitute for chemicals like BHA/BHT, DMDM hydantoin, phenoxyethanol and TEA (triethanolamine), and can be used for fragrance instead of parfum and phthalates.
What's so great about virgin coconut oil (VCO)?
This is such a valuable natural resource that it is often referred to as a miracle oil. It's a highly effective skin moisturizer even for those suffering from thyroid conditions, while holding back those years. It's a natural source of antioxidants that keep skin and hair looking young. Who needs mineral oil and paraffin?
What's so great about sunflower oil?
This is another of those anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing natural ingredients. You'll wonder how your skin and hair ever lived without this before! It's also high in vitamins A, C, E & D and helps to even out skin tone and lighten blemishes. Why go for mineral oil instead?
What's so great about lavender essential oil?
You might have guessed that this is a great natural alternative for parfum and phthalates for fragrance. What you may not know is that lavender essential oil can do many other great things including naturally disinfecting the scalp and skin, and helping to repel bugs and soothe insect bites.
What's so great about ylang ylang essential oil?
This is yet another natural substitute for parfum, thanks to its calming effects in aromatherapy, so it's perfect to use instead of parfum and phthalates. As an added bonus, ylang lang is naturally antibacterial and helps prevent skin infection. It can also help balance oily and dry skin.
What's so great about organic moringa extract?
This is great for your skin on so many levels – antioxidants for anti-aging, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and with beta-carotene and vitamins too! All these without the nasty side effects!  We will soon be bringing in a facial care range built around this natural wonder.
What's so great about organic calamansi extract?
Apart from all the benefits that come from being not just natural, but ORGANIC, calamansi is great for treating an itchy scalp. It's also got antibacterial properties and helps promote hair growth. And you thought it was only good for lime juice...!  Look out for shampoo made with calamansi extract soon.
What's so great about organic papaya extracts?
Being both natural and organic is good enough, but papaya is also a wonderful whitening and skin brightening agent. The papain helps repair damaged skin while the high vitamin E content helps in the fight against aging and wrinkles.
What's so great about lemongrass?
Not only does it smell great, it's also a natural astringent so those pesky pimples don't make you want to hide under a rock.  Plus they make great insect repellants.  Good for you, bad for bugs!
What's so great about sugarcane alcohol?
Well, for one thing, don't be put off by the ‘alcohol' in the name. This natural ingredient is used in hand sanitizers so the alcohol is never ingested and is evaporated within seconds, so everyone can use it! It's an effective antibacterial agent that kills germs instantly. It's a great alternative for triclosan but without being bad for your health!