Get To Know Us

We have a passion for personal care products. Everybody in our family uses them everyday, if not several times a day so we're keenly interested.  Sadly, we learned one day that the products we used to love were doing more harm than good.

Ever wonder whether your shampoo, deodorant or lip balm was actually good for you? You just use it and forget about it, right? Well your body doesn’t just forget about it. It suffers continuously and silently in the face of these poisons until one day it can’t take anymore and we end up suffering from allergies, hormonal problems, cancers, and everything in between.

As it turns out, this doesn’t have to be the case.  We dont have to put up with the nasty stuff, and we dont have to pay an arm and a leg for alternative products either!  That's what made us so enthusiastic about bringing the Human Nature product range into Malaysia.  Our founder, Jeanette, isn't a chemist or a pharmacist or even a doctor.  She's an allergy sufferer with sensitive everything that is passionate about running a good business, and she was lucky enough to find something that worked for her! 

The short version of this story is this: - we believe that a high quality product that is good for you, that won’t make you or your family sick, and won’t make you go broke isn’t too much to ask.  We also want to bring these amazing products straight to your door so you dont have to walk around endless shops just trying to find them.  These products can come find you!

Of course there are lots of brands out there, and we do mean lots!  Remember we said Jeanette liked running a good business?  That's why the Human Nature brand is different.  The products are made from ingredients grown by the poorest farmers in Asia and we liase directly with them, not with large corporate suppliers.  A lot of these farmers spend years, if not generations, growing just rice.  Nothing wrong with rice, except it's a commodity that's price controlled, which means it's not the best way to get out of poverty.  Human Nature teaches these farmers to grow higher value crops like citronella, sunflowers, cocoa, elemi, etc so that they can keep doing what they love to do, but at the same time break free from poverty.  We teach them how to run their farm like a business so it's well managed, productive and efficient.  We buy the ingredients from them at a fair price then send it off to be compounded and packed in hygenic manufacturing plants.  You get all the goodness of a home-blended product with the benefits of commercial production (which means there's enough Human Nature products to sell in several different countries - USA, Philippines, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, etc).  Human Nature represents a way that we can sustainably eradicate some of the world's biggest problems even as a for-profit business. 

Our very own Human Nature CareLabs are working hard to find chemical free alternatives to everyday products which means we'll use ingredients that might have never been used before such as the coconut nectar in our CreamFoam shampoos! 

We have something here for men, women, kids and babies.  These products are just plain good (in every sense of the word) so even if you have no underlying problems, you'll love using this stuff.  They're especially recommended, however, for those with problems like eczema, falling hair, dandruff, etc.  You'll see a marked difference in a very short amount of time, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Welcome to Human Nature!  We hope that we'll soon be adding you to our long list of loyal customers.


Down to Earth is the exclusive marketing and distribution company for the Human Nature range in Malaysia.

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